Cycle to work


Do you want to save up to 40% when purchasing a new bike?

We can help you do that with the Cycle to Work scheme.

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government backed scheme which enables you to buy a bike and accessories completely tax free in affordable monthly instalments coming straight out of your wages. We can guarantee that Cycle to Work will save you at least 25% on a new bike and could be as much as a massive 42% total saving.

Have you already got the bike you love?

Did you know that you can buy accessories and upgrades for your bike using the scheme?  We could help you to find that amazing kit that is going to make your ride as good as it can be every time you on the bike.

At iCycle we work with both and connected benefits  to allow us to help us make as many of you happy as we can.  You can always contact us to find out if your company is registered with the scheme providers, if you company is not registered, why not introduce the scheme to you place of work, we can do this with you or see the employer section of the cycle to work scheme tab for more information.

Use the simple calculator below to work out how much you could save using to get your amazing new bike or accessories.